Cranial TherapyCranial Therapy This is a very gentle form of manipulative therapy involving the bones of skull, useful for headaches, jaw pain, neck and shoulder tension, facial neuralgia, migraines etc. Working on the head can have an effect on the whole body. It is particularly effective on babies for symptoms associated with post partum trauma. (3)
Cranio-Sacral TherapyCranio-Sacral Therapy Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a whole body treatment using both cranial therapy techniques and sacral releasing techniques. It has an effect on the whole body from back pain, stiffness as well as the conditions that would require cranial therapy; very useful for children, some evidence has shown this can improve concentration, glue ear, dyspraxia or infantile colic. (2)
Sports Injury TherapySports Injury Therapy This is a combination of massage, manipulation and remedial exercise. A multi faceted approach to injuries creates the best and speediest resolution of the condition.
HypnotherapyHypnotherapy Hypnosis is a natural altered state of awareness. In many instances we use it automatically by continuously stroking a baby or dog who then often 'fall asleep'. Have you ever driven a car from A to B and cannot remember the journey? This state of awareness would be considered a form of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is a successful therapy for many conditions such as phobias, obsessive compulsive behaviour and stress related conditions. It can assist in helping to give up habits such as
Manipulative PhysiotherapyThis involves gentle stretching for specific spinal joints, using the patient's own muscles to perform the adjustments
Somato-Emotional TherapySomato-Emotional Release There is a school of thought alongside the physical trauma an emotional trauma, which can prevent the physical trauma from healing. SER is a combined approach both physical and mental approach to the condition. For example, unconscious fear can reduce circulation in an injured area of the body, maintaining tension and stress, reducing the elimination of toxins. (4)
Remedial MassageRemedial Massage This helps to ease anxiety and tension, promotes relaxation and can be applied to patients of any age, from newborn babies to pregnant mothers, and the elderly. Massage is also effective for athletes to prepare for or recover from competition. Deep tissue (sports injury) massage is effective in the treatment of various muscular injuries.
Life CoachingLife Coaching is not about somebody telling you how to live your life, suggesting that you make bold decisions that have no bearing on how you want to live your life. After all you are the only expert on you. So life coaching is not about knowing the answers it is about knowing the questions.
Exercise AdviceWe have 50 years of training experience to draw on. We give advice on the best form of exercise for both injury rehabilitation and prevention, as well as general fitness. You will also get advice on the safest way to perform the exercises and which ones to avoid. You may prefer to exercise at home and we can give you suggestions on what equipment to buy, if any, and how to train efficiently
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